My Approach

I know it can be hard to gain an understanding about a photographer from just clicking through their website.  There is much more to choosing a photographer than just do they take great photos.   You have to be sure their personality and style fits with yours.  So this section and my Reviews Section are here to help you get to know me and my approach a little better before we sit down for a consultation.

I believe a good plan on the wedding day is a must!  It is important for me to communicate with couples about how much time and what locations are best for photos.  For this purpose I have created a two page Wedding Day Planning Guide.  I send this guide to every bride well in advance of the wedding to help her plan out the details and time line of the day.  We cover everything from where and when I need to be at the church to if there is room for me on the party bus.  That way when the day comes we will be sure that we have done all that we can to ensure that we have limited our surprises.

When it comes to the wedding day I have 5 goals I strive to achieve for each and every wedding I shoot.


is to keep the bride happy!  As your photographer there are a lot of things out of my control, but no matter what those distractions are I work to keep the bride as relaxed and calm as possible.


is to create a beautiful and breath taking fine art photo of the bride and groom that will hang in your home for the decades to come.  Not to say that all of your photos won’t be great but I want you to have something that is above and beyond all the rest.  You two will look so good you won’t be able to keep from showing it off on your wall.


is to capture the details of the day that tell the story of the day for your wedding album.  These are the details that you may not remember in future years.  I know all of the photos I give you won’t get printed but I know you’ll appreciate them as a time capsule of your day.


is to make the day as fun and memorable as possible for YOU and your wedding party.  I personally have been in enough wedding to know that not all wedding photographers are the same.  The wedding party invests a lot of time and money to be apart of your day and they also want to enjoy the day!  I work very hard not be that stuffy, boring photographer that everyone dreads.


is to work as hard as I can to make you love the experience of working with me.  As a result of your positive experience  I hope you would be excited to recommend me to your family and friends.  Again, be sure to read the reviews on what other brides have said about working with me.  (Link)

I know there are a lot of options and styles out there when it comes to wedding photographers.  But I hope this information will give you a better understanding of my style and approach to your day.   There is no day more important then the one your planning which is why I am also sure to share my goals with couple so you can make sure they meet your expectations.   I would love the opportunity to sit down with you to get to know you and share a few of my wedding albums.

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